Beautiful Sugar Mummy in Cape Town dating

Beautiful Sugar Mummy in Cape Town dating – A very beautiful sugar mummy in Cape Town is willing to go on a date with a very handsome and tall man. Her choice was made clear and yes that is what she wants right now. She wants to date someone she can proudly call her own anytime and any day. Not a man she would be ashamed of in public.

She’s a 49-year-old woman residing in Cape Town. She is seriously looking for love and romance from a man that is capable and that has all the qualities she requires. A Christian woman, although she is currently divorced, it doesn’t make her a non-christian. Things didn’t go well for her during her married days. This is why she have become a Sugar Mummy, just to get love and enough romance and care from a sweet, handsome and tall sugar boy.


General information:
I have a big heart and always helpful towards the less fortunate people around me, in my church or working place. I enjoy bootcamp because it keeps me fit and energetic all through the year. The farthest I ever travelled has been to Switzerland. I grew up in Cape Town, a state where people learn new things everyday and i don’t think I’ll ever relocate to another country nor province, unless my new man can be so persuasive to make me change my mind.

My height is average, i’m not very tall neither are my a short person too. I am only 5. 4m but with the biggest heart and virtues i have got inside of me. I’m not fat nor thin, I think I got enough in all the right places. This is becuase i work on my body structure regularly. I know i am endowed, my eyes, facial looks, hair are all attractive.

Looking for:
I’m seeking to meet a man i can call my best friend and lover. I’m not into online sex nor nude pics of myself and that is what i wouldn’t want any man to ask from me. I want a man who can be a devoted lover and partner to me alone. I want to go to watch movies or take a walk on the beach time and again with this man and if you’re not going to be capable, please do not write me.

Beautiful Sugar Mummy in Cape Town dating

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