Matured White Sugar Mama Seeking Arrangement

Matured White Sugar Mama Seeking Arrangement – A matured and pretty looking sugar mama is seeking arrangement with any young and vibrant man online. A man who can take her round places and she would be proud of him. Not any man below average or who looks terribly bad. Her class for matured minds made her take this decision.

Matured White Sugar Mama Seeking Arrangement

General information:
I am 54 years old, I am athletic, intelligent and decent woman, I hope to meet a good man to live with him for the rest of years in respect, love and joy. Enjoy life together. Walking in nature, traveling, working in the garden, watching movies, cooking your favorite dishes, going fishing, playing with your grandchildren (if they come) just to live together happily and happily.

A sporty, pretty, decent woman, a bit conservative but still an optimist. I do much cooking and i would prefer my man always appear neat too to join me in the kitchen. My busy schedules doesn’t stop me from going to shop in order to look good and classy at all times.

Looking for:
I want to find a man who values ​​loyalty, honesty, kindness and love and be a good wife for this man. I do not mind remarrying as i am tired of living the divorced kind of life again. Having one kid, my man should be okay with that and take my kid as his own too. If you won’t be ready to make me feel healed of my past wounds please stay off me.

Matured White Sugar Mama Phone Number

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