South African Sugar Mummy in Mzansi seeking arrangement

South African Sugar Mummy in Mzansi seeking arrangement – A South African Sugar Mummy in Mzansi is seeking an urgent arrangement with a man of her age or slightly above her age but not a man she is older than as she feels younger men shows her a lot of disrespect. She is 39-years of age and she is much capable to turn any man on and off. Just get to her and find your needs solved.

Her aim is to meet a man who is very fair in complexion, willing to associate and give his time for their two to be together. There is no laxity in business and as a business woman, she is willing to do all she can to get her business to a more successful level than the current level it is now.

General information:

Growing up in Zimbabwe was fun for me and i love all the things that went on in those days. It was really a nice experience for me over there. My parents are good Christians who love to be in church on a regular basis. Born and brought up in the fear of God, i do not want anybody to push me away from this direction. I’m a single woman who has never married before and do not have any plans of getting married soon. I know how to love and associate with people because i am an open minded person.


I’m not too tall, having a bonding hair. My attractive parts are my lips, bums and my breast. I desire to always look great and dress neatly especially in public. My sense of fashion have made many people want to always stay around me as i maintain the latest fashion in town.

Looking for:

I am seeking for an arrangement with a man around my age bracket but i should be younger or of equal age with him. A fair in complexion man would be a good pick for me. I desire a single man, who can devote his time to show me love, take care of me and keep me company whenever i am free from my business place.

South African Sugar Mummy in Mzansi seeking arrangement

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